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Keep the foil wrap on for at least 3 hours after the tattoo has been made.


After 3 hours, wash your hands and remove the foil. If you get tattooed in the evening you don't need to change the foil. 

There will be blood & ink juiced up in the foil, that's perfectly normal.


Now hop in the shower. Rinse the tattoo with water until it looks clean.

Don't touch the tattoo, let the water do the work.


Get out of the shower, use a clean non-plushy towel or clean kitchen paper to dry the tattoo.

Gently tap it once or twice to get most of the water off. Or even better: just let the tattoo air-dry for some minutes.


After that, pack it again with wrapping foil and sleep the first night with the foil.

(Use the inside of the kitchen foil on your tattoo, the outside of the roll may contain bacteria from your hands.)


First morning: repeat the whole process but don't rewrap the tattoo with foil after the shower.


From this point on use Bepanthol or Cicaplast B5 cream. Apply a thin layer 3 times a day.

Wash your hands carefully each time you are going to touch your tattoo.

(If you have a dirty job it is a good idea to rewrap the foil during the time you work or apply a second skin tattoo barrier. )


In the first days your tattoo touches your clothes: make sure your clothes are clean and preferably soft.


Keep hygiene in mind, watch out for pets and their hairs and other potential bacteria carriers.


Make sure your bed sheets are clean.


Keep the tattoo moisturised with cream for about 2 weeks, or for as long it needs.


During the healing process the skin on your tattoo will peel. Do not pulk on the skin and let it happen naturally.


Keep in mind the first 2-3 weeks:

No bathing, swimming, sauna, jacuzzi or other activities that get your tattoo soaked in water.

No sun-beds or direct sun (also on the long run keep your tattoos protected from sun to prevent them from fading).


For any other questions on the aftercare or healing process just contact me.

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