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please read and agree below to confirm your appointment



  • Flash tattoos come in various sizes. To give an indication: around palm size is 250€,  around hand size is 350€, but of course the price can vary depending on the specific size, design, its complexity, and placement on your body. More intricate pieces or placements requiring extra time or technique may necessitate additional costs.

  • Feel free to discuss any desired size or design with me via e-mail. I'll gladly provide an accurate price estimate based on your specific needs.

  • Custom tattoo designs require more time and planning, and therefore will cost more than flash and will be priced individually. I will provide you with a cost estimate based on your design concept before we begin working on it, when asked.

  • Custom tattoo adaptations: I show you a preview of the design the day before your appointment. I make a proposal in my style based on the concept you briefed me. Small adaptations and detail tweaks are possible and are included in the custom price. 

  • Bigger adaptations or extra rounds of redesigning will add to the price.  

  • If you cancel a custom tattoo appointment with less than 24 hours notice, a 50€ design fee will be charged to compensate for the time and effort already invested in your unique design. 

  • Payment takes place after placement of the tattoo and is preferably cash. 



  • You must be 18 years of age or older with a valid ID. Or in case of -18 you must be accompanied by a parent.

  • For you safety please inform me about any medical conditions or allergies that may affect tattooing, such as:

    • Skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, scabies or keloid scarring.

    • Autoimmune disorders or compromised immune systems.

    • Allergies to specific ink components.

    • Blood-borne illnesses like HIV or hepatitis.

  • I reserve the right to refuse service based on your potential health risks.

  • Sterilization: We use only sterilized equipment and high-quality, reputable tattoo inks to minimize health risks.

  • Avoid alcohol, drugs, and blood thinners before your appointment. Arrive healthy and well-rested.

  • Pregnant women should avoid getting tattoos due to potential health risks for themselves and their babies.

  • Consent: You understand that tattoos are permanent and consent to the risks involved, including:

    • Allergic reactions: While rare, reactions to tattoo ink can occur. Inform us of any known allergies.

    • If an allergic reaction would occur, contact me and I will refer you to a specialised local dermatologist.

    • Infection: Proper aftercare is crucial to minimize infection risk. Follow all provided instructions meticulously. If your tattoo infects in the days after, contact me directly with a picture and I will advise you what to do.

    • Scarring: Scarring is a potential complication, especially with improper healing or pre-existing skin conditions.

  • Healing: I provide detailed aftercare instructions HERE to promote optimal healing. Remember, proper healing is ultimately your responsibility. If any questions rise up in the healing process, feel free to contact me.

  • Disclaimer: Individual results and healing times may vary. Neither I nor the studio are responsible for complications arising from pre-existing medical conditions, allergic reactions, improper aftercare, or self-inflicted damage to the tattoo.

  • Contact me with any concerns about your healing process within a reasonable timeframe.

  • Touch-Ups: inform me about minor imperfections within 90 days, as they may be eligible for free touch-ups, when not being the result of bad aftercare. 

  • Long-Term: Understand that tattoos are permanent and may fade, blur, or require touch-ups over time. This is a natural process and not the responsibility of the artist or studio.

  • If you have any concerns about your health, I recommend consulting a healthcare professional before getting a tattoo

  • I appreciate your understanding and look forward to creating a unique and solid tattoo for you, but prioritize your health and safety above all else.

  • Please contact me directly if you need any further information.


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